Specgram FilterΒΆ

The foglamp-filter-specgram is a filter that generates spectrogram images from incoming signal data based on defined configuration.

Specgram filters are added in the same way as any other filters.

  • Click on the Applications add icon for your service or task.

  • Select the specgram plugin from the list of available plugins.

  • Name your specgram filter instance

  • Click Next and you will be presented with the configuration page as in the image below. Configure as required.

  • Enable the filter and click Done to activate it


  • Enabled: Whether this filter is to be enabled

  • Log level: Logging level for debug/error information

  • Asset from which vibration data is read: Asset name containing the signal data to create spectrograms for

  • Output asset indicating small shoot discharge length: The asset name under which small shoot discharge width and timing is reported

  • Comma separated TS and Data channel(s): comma separated list of columns for timestamp (mandatory) and data channels to be processed

  • Sampling rate (per sec): The sampling rate of the incoming signal data

  • Forward data: Whether to forward original vibration data down the filter chain

  • Vibration data evaluation interval: Time interval after which to generate spectrogram images

  • Delete spectrogram images older than these many days: Number of days after which older spectrogram images may be discarded

  • Destination directory: Destination directory to store spectrogram images organized into date-wise directories

  • Periodic event UTC timestamp: UTC Timestamp (potentially in the past) when a periodic event of interest happened/would happen

  • Event repetition time: The time after which the desired event repeats

  • Pre event time: The amount of time to consider for collection before the desired event [eg., 1min]

  • Event duration: The duration for desired event [eg., 1min]

  • Post event time: The amount of time to consider for collection after the desired event [eg., 1min]