Image Resize Plugin

The Image Resize plugin allows you to resize images via scaling or cropping.


It provides the following configuration options:

  • Image Data Point:

    The data point containing the image to resize. Default: image.

  • Forward Original Image:

    Forward the original unaltered image. Default: true.

  • Resized Image Data Point:

    Name of the new Data Point containing the resized image. Valid only if Forward Original Image is true. Default: image_resized.

  • Resize Method:

    Method to resize the image. Options: scale, crop. Default: scale.

  • Scale Interpolation:

    Interpolation method used for rescaling the image. Valid only if Resize Method is scale. Options: INTER_NEAREST, INTER_LINEAR, INTER_AREA, INTER_CUBIC, INTER_LANCZOS4. Default: INTER_LINEAR.

  • Scale Size:

    Tuple containing the desired width and height of the resized image. Valid only if Resize Method is scale. Default: (224, 224).

  • Crop Slicing:

    Slices detailing the start and end points of the X and Y crops. Valid only if Resize Method is crop. Default: [0:224,0:224].

  • Enabled:

    Enable the plugin. Default: true.

See Also

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