MQTT Sparkplug B

The foglamp-south-mqtt-sparkplug plugin implements the Sparkplug B payload format with an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) transport. The plugin will subscribe to a configured topic and will process the Sparkplug B payloads, creating FogLAMP assets form those payloads. Sparkplug is an open source software specification of a payload format and set of conventions for transporting sensor data using MQTT as the transport mechanism.


Sparkplug is bi-directional, however this plugin will only read data from the Sparkplug device.

To create a south service with the MQTT Sparkplug B plugin

  • Click on South in the left hand menu bar

  • Select mqtt_sparkplug from the plugin list

  • Name your service and click Next


  • Configure the plugin

    • Asset Name: The asset name which will be used for all data read.

    • MQTT Host: The MQTT host to connect to, this is the host that is running the MQTT broker.

    • MQTT Port: The MQTT port, this is the port the MQTT broker uses for unencrypted traffic, usually 1883 unless modified.

    • Username: The user name to be used when authenticating with the MQTT subsystem.

    • Password: The password to use when authenticating with the MQTT subsystem.

    • Topic: The MQTT topic to which the plugin will subscribe.

  • Click Next

  • Enable the service and click on Done

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