ABB Ability Smart Cloud Service

The foglamp-south-abb plugin is designed to pull data from the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor Cloud into FogLAMP. It pulls data for a list of ABB assets into the local FogLAMP system at a rate defined for the service.

To create a south service with the ABB plugin

  • Click on South in the left hand menu bar

  • Select ABB from the plugin list

  • Name your service and click Next


  • Configure the plugin

    • ABB Assets: A list of the assets in the ABB cloud service that should be read. This is a JSON document with an array called assets which contains the assets name as strings.

    • ABB Service: The hostname of the ABB service to which to connect. Usually this is the default

    • Username: The ABB cloud user name.

    • Auth. Key: The authentication key that has been created in the ABB cloud for the given username.

    • Asset Structure: This defines how the FogLAMP assets that will be created should be organized.


      • Single Asset: A single asset in the ABB cloud will be stored as a single asset in FogLAMP with the same name as the ABB asset. Within each FogLAMP asset a data point will be created for each data value within the asset using the ABB measurement type name.

      • Group Assets: An asset will be created for each group of sensors for each asset within the ABB cloud. The asset will be named <ABB asset>_<group name>. Within each FogLAMP asset a data point will be created for each data value within the group using the ABB measurement type name.

      • Individual Assets: An asset will be created for each data item for each ABB cloud asset. The asset will be named <ABB asset>_<item name>.

See Also

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