North OPC UA Client

The foglamp-north-opcuaclient is a python based OPC UA Client plugin for FogLAMP that sends data north to an OPC UA Server.

The plugin may be used within a north task or service. Both of these are created via the North menu item in the FogLAMP user interface.

  • Select North from the left hand menu bar

  • Click on the + icon in the top left

  • Choose opcuaclient from the plugin selection list

  • Name your task or service

  • Select if you wish to create a service otherwise by default task

  • Click on Next

  • Configure the plugin


  • OPC UA Server URL: The url of the OPC UA Server to which data will be sent. The URL should be of the form opc.tcp://…

  • Map: A map for asset datapoints/attributes to OPC UA node objects. A map JSON structure in which the outer names are Asset names and the inner names are Datapoint names.

    For example:

        "sensor": {
            "temperature": {
                "node": "ns=1;i=1013",
                "type": "Float"
    • sensor is an asset name

    • temperature is a datapoint name

  • Source: The source of the data to be sent, this may be the readings or statistics data.

  • Click Next

  • Enable your task or service and click Done