AWS Redshift

The foglamp-north-aws-redshift plugin sends data to AWS Redshift. Plugin will create a table if one does not exist in AWS Redshift.


Configuation Details:

  • Hostname: AWS Redshift host name

  • Port: AWS Redshift port number

  • Database Name: AWS Redshift database name

  • Database User: AWS Redshift database user

  • Database Password: AWS Redshift database password

  • FogLAMP Name: FogLAMP instance name

  • Data Source: Source of FogLAMP data [readings/statistics]


A filter plugin foglamp-filter-aws-redshift-hints allows hints to be added to the readings. It will affect how the data is stored within/mapped with the AWS Redshift. Currently it supports only one hint that is table name. A new datapoint RedshfitHint hint will be added into existing reading.

If foglamp-filter-aws-redshift-hints filter is used with foglamp-north-aws-redshift then a table will be created as per the table name provided in the hints

Sample hints JSON will be as follows

  "asset" : {
    "tablename" : "redshift"