The foglamp-north-harperdb plugin sends data from FogLAMP to the HarperDB database. HarperDB is a geo-distributed database with hybrid SQL & NoSQL functionality in one powerful tool, accessed via a REST API. Each asset that is read by FogLAMP is written to a separate table within the specified HarperDB schema. The plugin will support both local installations and cloud installations of HarperDB.

The configuration of the HarperDB plugin requires a few simple configuration parameters to be set.


  • URL: The URL of the HarperDB database that will be used to store the data sent from FogLAMP. This may be either an HTTP or HTTPS URL

  • Username: The username to use when authenticating with the HarperDB database.

  • Password: The password of the user that will be used to store the data in HarperDB.

  • Schema: The name of the schema in the HarperDB database in which the tables will be stored.

  • Source: The source of the FogLAMP data to store in the HarperDB database; Readings or FogLAMP Statistics.