AWS IoT North Plugin

The foglamp-north-aws-iot publishes readings to AWS IoT and creates AWS IoT Things as required.


  • AWS IoT Endpoint:

    VPC Endpoint for connecting MQTT client to AWS IoT.

  • Billing Group:

    Tag to categorize Thing and track your costs.

  • Source:

    Source of data to be sent on the AWS IoT. May be either readings or statistics.


  • AWS Access Key ID:

    AWS authentication ID attached to IAM Role.

  • AWS Secret Access Key:

    AWS access key attached to IAM Role.


  • Private Key Name:

    Name of AWS IoT private key for MQTT client authentication.

  • Certificate Name:

    Name of AWS IoT certificate corresponding to above private key.

  • Root CA Name:

    Name of AWS IoT certificate authority.


  • QoS Level:

    QoS policy for AWS MQTT publisher.

  • Keep Alive Timeout:

    Keep alive interval for MQTT connection in seconds.

AWS Device Certificates should be uploaded from FogLAMP certificate store before configuring the plugin. Following image shows private key, certificate and CA certificate uploaded via certificate store.



If Thing name doesn’t match following pattern [a-zA-Z0-9:_-]+, non-matching characters are replaced by ‘-‘.