Telegram Messages

The foglamp-notify-telegram delivery notification plugin allows notifications to be delivered as instant messages on the Telegram messaging platform. The plugin uses Telegram BOT API, to use this you must create a BOT and obtain a token.


To obtain a Telegram BOT token

  • Use the Telegram application to send a message to botfather.

    • In your message send the text /start

    • Then send the message /newbot

    • Follow the instructions to name your BOT

  • Copy your BOT token.

You now need to get a chat id

  • In the Telegram application send a message to you chat BOT

  • Run the following command at the your shell command line or use a web browser to go to the URL<YourBOTToken>/getUpdates


    Examine the contents of the getUpdates file or the output from the web browser

  • Extract the id from the “chat” JSON object

    {"ok":true,"result":[{"update_id":562812724, "message":{"message_id":1,"from":{"id":1166366214,"is_bot":false,"first_name":"Mark","last_name":"Riddoch"},

Once you have created your notification rule and move on to the delivery mechanism

  • Select the Telegram plugin from the list of plugins

  • Click Next


  • Configure the delivery plugin

    • Telegram BOT API token: Paste the API token you received from botfather

    • Telegram user chat_id: Paste the id field form the chat

    • Telegram BOT API url Prefix: This is the fixed part of the URL used to send messages and should not be modified under normal circumstances.

  • Enable the plugin and click Next

  • Complete your notification setup

When the notification rule triggers you will receive messages Telegram application