Azure Blob Storage

The foglamp-north-azure-blob plugin sends data to Azure Blob Storage.


Configuation Details:

  • Account Name: Azure Storage account name to which the Containers/Blobs will be published

  • Account Key: Azure Storage account access key

  • Data Source: Source of FogLAMP data [readings/statistics]


  • Container Type: Mapping to container names to be created/used on Azure Storage.

    • “Per Asset” - Container will be created for each asset, same as asset name if does not exist.

    • “Single Static” - Only the specified container will be created if does not exist & used.

  • Static Container Name: Name fo the single static container, if Single Static is chosen.


  • Image Format: Format for Image data [PNG/JPEG]

  • Data Format: Format for Non-Image data [CSV/JSON/XML]