Match Rule¶

The foglamp-rule-match is a notification rule plugin that triggers when Asset datapoint/Audit code attribute matches with regular expression provided by the user.

During the configuration of a notification use the screen presented to choose the Match plugin as the rule.


The next screen you are presented with provides the configuration options for the rule.


  • Data Source: Name of the data source, can be Readings or Audit.

  • Name: Asset Name/Audit Code.

  • Value: Asset datapoint/Audit code attribute to be searched, can be blank or * to match all.

  • Expression: Regex to be matched with value of Asset datapoint/Audit code attribute.

  • Match whole word: Expression match for complete / partial word.

  • Match Case: Expression match type case sensitive/case insensitive.


If the value of expression is true, then the rule is triggered. Regular expression cannot have only single wildcard character (* or ?) to be matched.

Expression may contain any of the following…

  • Wildcard characters (?, *, ., +)

  • Range ([0-9], [A-Z] etc)

Regular expression examples:

Matching at beginning or end

  • To search alphabet in the beginning : ^[A-Za-z]

  • To search number at the end : [0-9]$

  • Negation : [^0-9] match should not have any numbers from 0 to 9