Email NotificationsΒΆ

The foglamp-notify-email delivery notification plugin allows notifications to be delivered as email messages. The plugin uses an SMTP server to send email and requires access to this to be configured as part of configuring the notification delivery method.

During the creation of your notification select the email notification plugin from the list of available notification mechanisms. You will be prompted with a configuration dialog in which to enters details of your SMTP server and of the email you wish to send.


  • To address: The email address to which the notification will be sent

  • To: A textual name for the recipient of the email

  • Subject: A Subject to put in the email message

  • From address: A from address to use for the email message

  • From name: A from name to include in the email

  • SMTP Server: The address of the SMTP server to which to send messages

  • SMTP Port: The port of your SMTP server

  • SSL/TLS: A toggle to control if SSL/TLS encryption should be used when communicating with the SMTP server

  • Username: A username to use to authenticate with the SMTP server

  • Password: A password to use to authenticate with the SMTP server.