Asset NotificationΒΆ

The foglamp-notify-asset notification delivery plugin is unusually in that it does not notify an external system, instead it creates a new asset which is then processed like any other asset within FogLAMP. This plugin is useful to inform up stream systems that a event has occurred and allow them to take action or merely as a way to have a record of a condition occurring which may not require any further actions.

Once you have created your notification rule and move on to the delivery mechanism

  • Select the asset plugin from the list of plugins

  • Click Next


  • Now configure the asset delivery plugin

    • Asset: The name of the asset to create.

    • Description: A textual description to add to the asset

  • Enable the plugin and click Next

  • Complete your notification setup

The asset that will be created when the notification triggers will contain

  • The timestamp of the trigger event

  • Three data points

    • rule: The name of the notification that triggered this asset creation

    • description: The textual description entered in the configuration of the delivery plugin

    • event: This will be one of triggered or cleared. If the notification type was not set to be toggled then the cleared event will not appear. If toggled was set as the notification type then there will be a triggered value in the asset created when the rule triggered and a cleared value in the asset generated when the rule moved from the triggered to untriggered state.